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Homeschool Martial Arts

Offering classes exclusively for homeschool children AND their parents.  

Because of the vibrant homeschooling community in the Chesterfield/Midlothian area, Inspire Martial Arts offers a martial arts homeschool program. Your child will learn martial arts while filling P.E. credits and learn valuable life skills like goal setting, respect, perseverance and a can-do attitude. Parents are welcome to take the class too!   

Our homeschool martial arts program is designed to increase physical fitness, flexibility and focuses on teaching traditional martial arts and self defense techniques. Students progress from belt to belt on their journey to Black Belt, all in a fun and action packed class for children and parents alike. 

Our classes are appropriate for all ages. Moms, dads and kids alike will love taking martial arts classes together. Our homeschool martial arts program is A HEALTHY ACTIVITY FOR YOUR HOMESCHOOL FAMILY!


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